It’s easy to find garden decor for all kinds of gift giving needs. But if you’re looking for something different or unique, check out some of our favorite items for the gardener in your life.

The Basics

Any gardener needs basic supplies especially someone new to gardening. Consider putting together a gift set that includes a good pair of gardening gloves, knee pad and a quality pair of pruners.

Hori Hori Knife

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This versatile knife seems to do it all and is hands down our favorite tool. The heavy duty knife, which has a flat and serrated side, can be used for digging, weeding, cutting roots, planting bulbs – you name it. Like any good knife a few extra bucks matters. A good quality Hori Hori is usually $30.


It’s probably obvious that a gardener needs a shovel but often people buy inexpensive versions that rust or don’t hold up to heavy duty work. A good quality shovel makes a great gift that’ll be appreciated for years. Price varies but good shovels will likely start around $50-$60.

Tub Trug

Tub trugs are light-weight flexible buckets. There are endless uses for the popular tub trug such as carrying tools, water or soil. They’re excellent for hauling garden waste or your garden harvest (if made with food grade materials). These tough trugs will last for years. To maximize usage purchase a larger size such as a 10 gal. and make sure it’s made with food grade materials. Price $20.

Stirrup Hoe

Sore backs everywhere will be thankful for a tool that keeps a person from bending over while weeding. Stirrup hoes have an oscillating double-sided blade that cuts through weeds just below the soil surface. Using a motion similar to vacuuming, this tool is easy to use and a great addition to any garden. Price $60-$70+

Farm/Garden Sleeves

When long sleeves aren’t an option Farm Sleeves offer protection from sun, allergens & irritants, and from scratches. These come in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and sizes. Price $25-$30. As an alternative, long sleeved garden gloves offer some protection as well.


Broadforks are used in garden beds to break up compacted soil and help aerate without damaging soil structure. They’re great for minimal tillage and can help improve soil over time. They’re fun and easy to use for all ages. Price $200+

Garlic Bulb

OK this may sound a bit unusual but hear us out. Chefs give out sourdough starters as gifts so why can’t gardeners give their best garlic bulbs? If you’ve been growing garlic for years, consider gifting some of your biggest bulbs as seed for planting. This gift can be enjoyed for years and passed down through generations. What a wonderful personal gift and a great way to stay connected. Price is free if you’re passing on your own supply. $20+ if you want to purchase garlic seed.


My favorite book for veggie gardeners! This truly is a bible. It has profiles of hundreds of varieties and covers topics such as composting, organic methods and soil health. Price $13 – $35 depending on the format you choose.

Potting Tray

This is definitely a new favorite item. Excellent for working indoors and keeping things clean. Bring your gardening work inside without the mess. Check multiple places for pricing. I got mine for $30 but I’ve seen these priced as high as $60.

Expandable Hose

This idea may not seem exciting but if you’d carry around heavy hoses all day you’d want one too. This type of hose is lightweight and easy to carry around and much easier store. It expands while water is on and retracts when the water is off. Price varies depending on the length of the hose.

Garden Hod

Let’s just call it a garden basket. These are great for harvesting and rinsing your produce before bringing them inside. These baskets come in all shapes, sizes and materials. This one has legs to keep items off the ground and is made of material that reduces bruising. Price $45+

Battery Powered Garden Shears

Garden work with ease. Keep your garden looking great throughout the season with this rechargeable battery powered shears/pruner. Cuts through branches up to 1.5in thick! Price $115


Give a gift that keeps on giving – a membership for your gardener. Seed Savers Exchange members can purchase heirloom seeds, will receive a quarterly magazine, receive free or reduced admission to area gardens (including Chicago Botanic Garden, Morton Arboretum, Anderson Japanese Garden, Garfield Park Conservatory), and receive member discounts and coupons. Price starting at $30 for a paperless membership and $50 for a regular membership.

We have many great garden locations to visit in our area. A membership to any of these attractions would be an amazing gift for a gardener. Chicago Botanic Gardens is $109 for a one year individual membership. The Morton Aboretum is $65 for a one year individual membership. The Mitchell Park Domes in Milwaukee is $30 for a one year individual membership. All of these locations have memberships perks like discounts in their shops and magazine subscriptions. Check out these or many other gardens in our area.

We hope you found our ideas helpful. Check back for updates as we add new suggestions.

Written by Fremontgarden

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