Interested in volunteering with us?  We have lots of options for you!

Front and center –Gardening – Don’t let lack of experience keep you away!  If you want to learn, we will teach you!  We welcome the experienced, the newbie, the young, the less young, the workhorse, the daydreamers, the frolickers, the detail oriented, the locals, the visitors.  The garden is diverse and so are her needs, and we can find a task that meets your needs.  Please sign our Electronic Waiver Form prior to volunteering for the first time.

Behind the scenes – Communication – Website development, sending out emails, telling community groups and corporations know about us and setting up workdays.

Party scene – Event Planning –  Want to host a yoga class at the garden? a story time? a painting class?  Or maybe sharing some gardening techniques?  The garden can serve as a serene backdrop for a soul enriching event.  What could be better than being surrounded by food and flowers in a space built by volunteers to serve the community?

Onion painting- jen
Alisa Craig Onion by Jennifer Kehrer