Why should your group schedule a workday at the Fremont Township Garden?

Your work helps feed nutritious food to people in need in our community.

2015 Capco work team

2015 Capco work team

Fresh vegetables are expensive and not practical for food pantries, with their limited shelf-life.  The proximity of our garden allows us to pick vegetables and distribute them often within the same day, adding valuable nutrients to nourish those in need.

An opportunity to learn about or teach gardening to others.

Doubletree Workgroup

We encourage gardeners of all levels of experience to get involved with our garden!  What better way to learn than to work alongside gardeners who have gardened for years.  And what a gift to share the knowledge of how to grow food and add beauty to the world! We would love for all volunteers (and visitors!) to leave our space inspired to start a small garden of their own and have the confidence that they will be successful.

Be outside and get moving!

Kids and adults alike can feel invigorated working outdoors.  Whether your day job is in a classroom, an office or in an apartment or single family home, stepping into our garden full of flowers and life will feel like breath of fresh air.   Our garden is big enough that those who want solitude can find it and yet small enough that you still feel connected with whole.

Discovery Day Camp

Working in soil makes you happy!

Do a google search on antidepressants and soil, and you will find tons of articles on a the connnection between soil microbes and serotonin levels.   Here is one .  Turns out playing in the soil may be the cheapest, healthiest form of medicine for some people struggling with depression!

Think you might want to schedule a workday?

Contact Alicia at 847-757-6249 or Fremonttownshipgarden@gmail.com